Garlic - Into the Mists

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Art by @kenha604.

Maker’s Notes


humanoid pattern and abs tutorial by Nazfx + self drafting


Two months.

Body Patterning


I started with a store bought plushie from the spirit TV show, as it had the leg and hip definition I was looking to emulate.


I tore it apart and copied the pattern, scanning it into the computer so that I could edit the lines using the path tool in gimp as per my standard workflow.

garlic garlic

I had to figure out how to sew it together, and went through several body iterations before I was liking the shape.

After getting the body down, I figured out how to Frankenstein a cylinder on top of the body by pasting prototype pieces on top. I made several torsos to dial in the correct torso/horse body scale, and used pins to pin them in place before drawing the lines I needed straight on the pieces. I then took my prototype torso apart to scan those drawn lines in and refine them in gimp. Thanks to this process I then had a pattern that combined the two separate patterns I had before.


garlic garlic

I knew I wanted to make the hooves using foam so that I could get a nice clean line on them, and not the bubbly stretch that comes from stuffing. After dialling down the hoof pattern, I then had to edit the body pattern so that they attached at the correct angle.

Face and Clothes

garlic garlic garlic

I had a lot of problems with the face pattern from nazfx’s pattern, but eventually felt like it looked ok enough. After that was just clothing and details.

Further Work

This plush didn’t quite turn out how I wanted. I want a more realistic face shape and less of a back hump. I’d like better jewellery, but that’s not my skill set so that’s ok. The most important thing I need to make edits to is the legs. The back legs are too tall and make the plush tip forward, and both sets of legs are knock kneed and need rotation. The hoof attachment angle will need edits after these changes as well.