Saitama - One Punch Man

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a plush of Saitama, a bald man wearing a yellow jumpsuit with a white cape held by black buttons. The jumpsuit is accented by a black belt with a yellow button buckle, and a grey front zipper.


Saitama + mug wiggle eyebrows gif Saitama full body shot

Maker’s Notes


Human pattern by Choly Knight


Part Material Amount/Cost
body Shannon cuddle canary yellow ?: ?
face Shannon cuddle nude ?: ?
misc embroidery thread, felt, zipper head, yellow button ?: ?
cape Interlock jersey white, black buttons ?: ?

All bought from plush addict


A week or so


This time I made his clothes as part of the plush itself, a much easier choice and suitable for the jumpsuit. I added the pink neck by sandwiching the nude fabric between the head and body at the attaching stage, and then left it hanging until the plush was stuffed so that I could see the shape to hand embroider it on. Not ideal but it worked, and the ugly is hidden by the cape

Saitama face reverse

I used a iron on transfer pencil to put the face design onto the reverse side, then basted a guide running stitch before using a 4 strand stem stitch. I’m really happy with how it turned out. If I sold this plush I would offer a range of expressions since the opm style is so simplistic.

I’m also very happy with how the body turned out.

If I did this plush again I would put the buttons for the cape lower down as to give the cape more space between the button and the neck. I would also do the buttonholes properly with stabilizer instead of just winging it, as they’re the ugliest part of the plush.

I’m a little worried about the thread holding the zip in place, it might fall out, however the zip wont be lost as it is securely sewn in and this is going to be a display plush only. I wish I could figure out how to put a real zip in there but I didn’t want to figure that out.